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Amanda Adam

Come, get cozy at the hearth, where just outside the window lies a misty, fog covered Pacific Ocean. 

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At 11 years old, my magical 4th grade teacher showed me I had a propensity for writing. Delighted, she pointed out my full page of large, excitedly scribbled story when the rest of the class had two sentences down during creative writing time. The world would tune out completely. All sight and sound tunneled into the page, into the world in my head. And it still does.

Fast forward to adult years: I began with screenplays for a NY Times bestselling author, having acquired the rights to one of his novels after writing a script on spec. From there I wrote an original with him, as well as another adaptation of another one of his books at his behest. During that time I attended countless seminars and read books and asked questions. Lots of questions. And I sponged it all up - all the beautiful, woven parts it takes to make a “blockbuster” story. In this way screenplays and novels are one and the same! Still, I abandoned screenplays because my heart lies in writing my own stories, and my first true love of novels can’t be matched. 

Merewif is my debut novel, and the first of a trilogy.

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The Mermaid Witch

Set in the Pacific Northwest in the late 90's, Merewif is the first of a trilogy. 

When Madge receives a moonstone necklace on her sixteenth birthday, she discovers she is not only a mermaid, but also, a witch. 

Problem is, she never knew either existed in the first place. 

As if wrapping her head around the fact that she’s a mermaid-witch isn’t enough, it also turns out her parents were royalty to her kind and didn’t die as she’s been told her entire life. Instead, they were murdered by her estranged aunt Viviane, who is now after her. 

If Madge is to prove herself fit to lead her kind, she’ll have to hone her newfound Vala and unravel clues from her mother’s tome. But when Madge uncovers the dark power her murderous aunt wields, will she have what it takes to save them all?

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“It was the water that made her feel like anything made sense. Especially when things didn’t.”



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